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Do you want to learn TouchDesigner 088?Are you new to node based programming environments? An Introduction to TouchDesigner introduces users to all of the above, and covers all the basic fundamentals of TouchDesigner 088.

Examples in the An Introduction to TouchDesigner come with accompanying TouchDesigner 088 project files. Follow along, learn by doing, and see written examples work in real-time.

Nothing substitutes working and learning alongside a professional. 2 hours of HD video tutorials are included with An Introduction to TouchDesigner, taking you from making simple User Interfaces, all the way up to more complex autonomous video playback engines.


Elburz Sorkhabi is the Technical Director at nVoid Art-Tech Ltd and one of the leading authorities on TouchDesigner.


He has worked on product launches, permanent architectural installations, and world wide tours with such brands and iconic names such as google, Kanye West, Giorgio Armani, Nike, Bionic League, the Seattle Art Museum, Verizon, the National Museum of Scotland, Derivative, Nuit Blanche, MacLaren Momentum, Informa Canada, and Random Media Core.. Elburz has lead and deployed teams across the world, from Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Montreal, Shanghai, Dubai, and across Europe.


Elburz brings a unique and diversified skill-set to every new challenge.

Open Source

In creating this resource, Elburz and nVoid decided the best way to distribute it would be for free. All the text, project files, and HD video, are completely free for anyone to download and learn from. Everyone should have a chance to learn from An Introduction to TouchDesigner.

Not only that, but the whole book is freely editable. The current version of the resource is built with standard Markdown, so all of the source files and code for
An Introduction to TouchDesigner are available and open source, licensed under Creative Commons! Anyone can download the source files, make changes, add updates or chapters, merge the changes back into the original book, and be added to the list of contributors!


This is about more than just a single author, this is about the community!

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